Assassin - Whirlwind - Godly - With Merc - GEAR PACK

Helm: Crown of Ages 15dr 2 sockets
Armor: Enigma 750-775+defense in Archon plate, Mage plate or Dusk Shroud (normal base with high defense - chance for superior base)
Belt: verdungo 40 to vitaly 15%damage reduction
Gloves: Trang oul gloves 74def
Boots: Shadow Dancers +2 To Shadow Disciplines 21+dext
Weapon: Chaos +3 lightning sentry in runic talon/feral claw or suwayyah
Weapon2: Fury +lightning sentry and/or mind blast in runic talon/feral claw or suwayyah
Amulet: Mara 30
Rings: 2xRaven 20+dext/240+ar
Weapon3: Call to Arms 6+ BO
Shield2: Spirit Monarch

1x Assassin Torch 17-20/17-20

6xShadow Skillers (with adds like life, fhr, str,dext, etc)
9x Small Charms 20 To Life (some with adds like resistance, dmg, attack rating)
1x fhr/all resistance small charm
1x Random Annihilus

Weapon: Infinity Ethereal Cryptic Axe or Colossus Voulge
Armor: Fortitude Ethereal Eth Bugged + 3000 Defense
Helm: Ethereal Andariel's Visage

Griffon random
Angelic Amulet +  2xAngelic Rings
Visionary Assassin Helmet (2assasin skills + attack rating per level)



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