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15-06-2024 : Once again the Diablo 2 Legacy ladder receives a reset. Once it's up again we'll start restocking and changing prices (y)
22-06-2023 : Here we go again! The legacy ladder will receive a reset in roughly four hours. Once it's back live, we'll add items and restore the stock
15-12-2022 : Legacy is getting another reset tonight. We'll start offering items once it's live again, and as usual, the stock expands throughout the next few days
04-07-2022 : Gifts are enabled again, for Diablo II Legacy
15-06-2022 : The diablo 2 legacy ladder has been reset, and is now back on for another fresh run. We'll be back tomorrow with fresh new ladder content!
02-05-2022 : The previous issues are fixed and we are good to go!
02-05-2022 : After a system update we are having an issue with our checkout, which broke the checkout flow, and you are not able to pay for your order. We are working on a fix
14-01-2022 : We are now offering delivery to Playstation 5 for Diablo II Resurrected. Playstation 5 delivery has it's own category in the category tree at top!
31-12-2021 : Happy New Year y'all! We are still accepting orders, but chat and mails will not be replied before January 1st 2022. Stay safe, and see you in 2022! :)
07-12-2021 : The Diablo 2 Legacy ladder is gonna be reset on December 10th. To prepare for another reset, all legacy items has been disabled, and will be enabled once the ladder has been reset. Diablo 2 Resurrected is still available!
12-11-2021 : PayPal is possible again, but only through Live Chat or email. Please reach out to us if want to pay with PayPal
08-10-2021 : We finally got items available for Diablo II Resurrected! The stock will increase daily.
30-09-2021 : PayPal is disabled due to a security issue with their addon. We are working on a fix ASAP. Please use Stripe meanwhile.
30-09-2021 : Emails GMX/WEB has blocked our emails, so you won't receive confirmation/delivery mails. Please join our Live Chat, or send us an email if you're missing info.

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For Diablo II Legacy


  • 5 USD: Various HRS and Runewords
  • 10USD: Various HRS, Runewords and Uniques
  • 20USD: Various HRS and Runewords
  • 35USD: Various HRS, Runewords and Torches
  • 50USD: Various HRS and Runewords
  • 65USD: Ber Rune, Various Uniques and Runewords
  • 80USD: One Pack of 5x Mixed Random High Runes, from Vex Rune and up to Zod Rune
  • 100USD: One Pack of 10x Mixed Random High Runes, from Lo Rune and up to Zod Rune


For Diablo II Resurrected

  • 5 USD: Um Rune, Mal Rune or Ist Rune
  • 10USD: Ist Rune, Gul Rune, Vex Rune or Hoto 30-34@
  • 20USD: Gul Rune, Vex Rune, Ohm Rune, Hoto 30-34@ or CTA 1-3 Bo
  • 35USD: Vex Rune, Ohm Rune, Lo Rune or Stone of Jordan Ring
  • 50USD: Lo Rune, Stone of Jordan Ring, Hoto 35-39@, CTA 4-5 Bo or Random Annihilus
  • 65USD: Sur Rune or Unid Hellfire Torch
  • 80USD: Sur Rune, Fortitude 25-29@ or Grief Random
  • 100USD: Ber Rune or Jah Rune
  • 150USD: Enigma or Infinity
  • 200USD: CTA 6 Bo, Hoto 40@, Arach 120ED or Mara 30@


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