LADDER Sorceres - Magic Find - High - GEAR PACK

Helm: Shako 141
Armor: Vipermagi 35 all res 13mdr
Weapon: The Oculus
Amulet: Mara 30
Belt: Goldwrap
Gloves: Chance Guards 40% Magic Find
Boots: War Traveler 50% Magic Find
Shield: Lidless Wall
Rings: 2*Nagelring 30% Magic Find
Shield 2: Spirit Monarch 35% FCR
Weapon 2: Call to the Arms 6bo

Gheed's Fortune 40mf
20x Small Charms 7% Magic Find
Sorceress Torch 10-16/10-16
Annihilus Random

Wep: Insight Eth
Arm: ShaftStop Eth
Helm: TAndariel 10ll 30str



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