1x Socket Quest - Socket an item of your choice!

This purchase will get you one roll from Act 5's own Larzuk, a socket quest. We will use our own socket quest, and not yours!

If you want to socket an item you bought, write a message with name of the item. If you buy multiple of this, write multiple item names

If you want to socket an item you didn't just buy, leave a message, or send us a mail, with Account, Password and Character name, including the item(s) you want to be socket

Notes for how socketing works, and what can/can't be socket

Normal White items : These will get a random amount of socket(s), from low to high. If an item can get up to 6 sockets, it will get 1-6 sockets

Superior White items : These will get maximum sockets allowed for the item. If maximum sockets for the item is up to 6, it will get 6 sockets

Blue/Magic items : These will get a random amount of 1-2 socket(s)

Rares/Sets/Unique items : These will get just one socket

Items that already have atleast one socket, can NOT get additional sockets, and the socket quest will NOT work

If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to ask our Live Chat or send us an email

We cannot be held responsible, if you receive a different amount of socket, than you had hoped for



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